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Our Story

Our first Labrador encounter started in 1981 with a summer job at a leading Canadian Labrador kennel. We learned allot about the breed and fell in love. In 1983 we registered our kennel name with the Canadian Kennel Club and were granted Permanent Registration by the Canadian Kennel Club in the summer of 1999. Our goal has always been to have sound, healthy, biddable dogs capable of acquiring championships, competing in the obedience ring and being capable to do a days hunt.

Our involvement with purebred Labradors is one of our hobbies, not our business. The Labs are our companions first and so we must have friendly, sound temperaments. After all, if we couldn't live with our dogs, how could we expect anyone else too? All of our dogs live full time with us. Any litter is usually only planned when we are looking at furthering our involvement with a new prospect.

All of our stock is certified clear of hip and elbow dysplasia and have their eyes cleared annually by an ACVO diplomat. We also use the DNA tests that Optigen and DDC have available for disease like PRA, RD and EIC. Currently our heart certification is done by US specialists who see our breed on a regular basis and are TVD cleared with OFA or ARCH. Non-breeding agreements and our written replacement guarantee for proven hereditary defects goes on any puppies we produce.

We are life members of the Canadian Kennel Club and the Labrador Owners Club. We also hold membership with the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada and and the Georgina Kennel and Obedience Club.

We are located one hour north of Toronto, Ontario

Kim's Story

horse16.gif - 5.01 KThe Labrador involvement began in 1981 when my summer job was kennel girl at Wimberway Perm. Reg'd Labradors. I had always wanted to be involved with dogs and I also think my grade 7 teacher Mrs. Milne had a hand in this too. You see, she had two Samoyeds she showed and brought them to school once a year along with the books, ribbons and crates. I enjoyed the versatility of the Labradors I met at Sandy's and acquired my first one in 1984. Since then, I have had many Labradors come, go and stay in my life and have experienced just about every up and down there is in purebred dogs. My kennel name was registered in 1983 and the name was chosen as a result of seeing the popular Gilbert and Sullivan musical 'The Pirates of Penzance'. It is a very tongue in cheek production and the cast were having a ball playing their parts. I decided that those 'Pirates' had a lot in common with the Labradors I had met so the dye was cast as they say. Kim

I grew up in the west end of Toronto but as soon as high school was over, I high tailed out to the country. This is where I am most comfortable and I have been here ever since! I have a terrific group of friends, some are from childhood, some from school and a bunch of super people I have met while 'in dogs'. Some of their web pages are on my list of links page.

My current country home is located within the GTA, an hour north of Toronto Ontario. For the last twenty-six years I have been Kennel Manager for a show kennel who themselves have been active since the 1960's in purebred dogs. This is a full time position which really has me wearing a 'jill of all trades' caps most days. Its a lovely property and the dogs enjoy the large gated acreage to run on. I've come to be knowledgable in breeds other than my own and it has expanded my professional peer circles. This knowledge and further circles only benefits my fancier interest in my own dogs and showing.

There is life beyond the dogs: contrary to popular canine oriented beliefs! I believe in a balance life so my private time has very little to do with canine pursuits. I am glad I live as close to Toronto as I do. An hours drive puts me back into a cosmopolitan hub with just about anything and everything available to ones self. It is this place that pulses passionately 24 hours a day and offers many adventures. At the other end of the spectrum, heading north, we hit one of the most beautiful places on this planet, in my opinion anyway. Here I can find solace in the seemingly simplicity of natures beauty, the great Canadian outdoors in Cottage Country. Sitting on a dock at the waters edge with a good book, a cold beer and a Labrador at your feet, well, it just doesn't get any better than that!

Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean certainly has provided myself and peers lots of opportuntity to have some good natured jabs and laughs.

Hope you enjoyed your the virtual visit and as Captain Jack Sparrow said, "Now...bring me that horizon." CHEERS!