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Pirate's Taming of the Shrew 'Bianca'

The Pirate Puppy Policy

Any puppies we have are home raised & born right in my bedroom. After a few weeks, they move onto bigger and noisier areas of the house. They are registered with the Canadian Kennel Club, are tattooed, and are sold on Non-Breeding Contracts issued by the CKC. Puppies leave for new homes after 8 weeks of age having their first shots and at least two dewormings. A large manilla envelope also leaves with each puppy containing all health info., sheets on feeding, exercising, crate training, helpful hints, a sales contract, a replacement guarantee for hereditary defects (such as hip/elbow dysplasia and eyes), pedigree and pedigree guide, recommended books on a variety of topics and the buyers copy of the Non-Breeding contract. All puppies are sold on Non-Breeding Contracts. This includes show/breeding potential puppies and there are explicit terms for removal.
Puppies are placed in the following order; breeders pick, any performance homes, repeat clients/family homes and then new to us homes.

Can we help you?

As former Chair of the Labrador Retriever Club of Canada and long time fancier, we are open to answering any questions you have about the breed or in getting a referral to a good breeder if you are searching for a puppy.
Drop us a line, the email is at the top of the page.

Older Labs & Rescue

We currently don't have any older dogs available. Often we hear of Labradors who need rehoming. Sometimes they are with responsible breeders and sometimes with a reliable rescue. If you are looking for add an older Labrador to your home,
consider a Rescue.
Click here to find a reputable organization near you.
Local Ontario Rescue Group here.

Pirate Litters

We are planning 2 litters in 2018. Blacks and Yellows with take home timelines of August/September.
April 1st update: no one in season yet, still not making a list.
Current plans is that Darcy will be having an all black litter and Jane will be having an all yellow litter.

Can Ch Pirate's Black Powder Pistol 'Magnum'

Labrador Puppies Available Now

These are not my puppies, this is a courtesy listing with peers of mine I have no issue with listing that have available puppies 'now'(April 2018). I am fimiliar with how and where they raise their litters and have been in their homes. It is warmly suggested you still ask all the necessary questions.

1. Pierry and Stan McLean, Castlegar Labradors located in Durham, ON Yellow female puppies ready to go in April Email Castlegar

2. Julie Ellis, Breezeline Labradors located in Peterborough, ON Yellow female puppy 9 weeks old approximately, ready now Email Breezeline